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We inspire leaders and employees and teams to grow, boost energy, and maximize results.

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Employees and teams form the foundation of an organization, but often the full potential of personnel or teams is not fully realized. This is a missed opportunity! Carpe Vita offers training and coaching to help employees and teams grow, increase their energy, and maximize results. We achieve this through guided programs for teams, individual coaching, and one-time workshops.


What does Carpe Vita offer?

The customized training programs are suitable for both individuals and teams, offering significant benefits. This includes, for example, increased energy levels, personal growth, and self-awareness for individuals. Additionally, teams will experience greater focus and improved relationships among colleagues. There are many more advantages, such as:

The offerings of Carpe Vita include:


Energy & Vitality

Increase your energy by gaining more insight into the four factors that determine your energy level.




Become the leader you want and take control of your own life and achieve the results you desire.


Insights Discovery

Gain a better understanding of your own preferred behavior and that of others, using color profiles.



Happiness @ Work

Happy employees means a better work environment and better results. We can help identify your possible improvements.

Schedule an appointment for your chosen trajectory.

Do you want to start with one of the workshops or programs offered by our coaches? Explore the options online and schedule your participation of choice. If you would like to know more about our company, feel free to contact us.

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Customers about Carpe Vita

"Wow, what a wonderful session I had with Petra and two others. There was a clear explanation of Insights. Petra alternates between information, assignments, and questions, keeping you actively engaged. She has a lot of knowledge and quickly responds to questions. I watched her with admiration. She conducts this session with joy, ease, and a lot of wisdom. The methodology is delightful; I found a lot of recognizability in my report. Highly recommended. Thank you, Petra, for this beautiful morning!"
"I found the coaching to be very inspiring and innovative. What has stayed with me as the most valuable is that Petra always knew how to tune in to what I needed."
"Fun activities, a lot of variety. I really appreciated the open, relaxed atmosphere. I felt free to say what I wanted."
"My objectives have been achieved: (i) I gained more insight into what is important to me in a job. (ii) I have practical tools to start searching for and hopefully finding a suitable new job."
"Especially in the first session, I had several beautiful personal eye-openers. About how I have developed as a person. This awareness helped me take a step back in the process of my career choice. And to reconsider choices I had already made."
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About Carpe Vita

Carpe Vita was founded in 2014 by Petra Groot Nibbelink. She complements her extensive experience as an interim (project) manager with knowledge and experience in the field of training and coaching. Petra has developed a clear vision in the area of team and employee development. This, combined with various training in coaching, personal development, effectiveness, and certification in the Insights Discovery program, forms the foundation of Carpe Vita.

The goal is to be a partner for companies in team development, leadership development, and increasing employee value.


Carpe Vita works with: