About Carpe Vita

Carpe Vita Training & Coaching was founded by Petra Groot Nibbelink in 2014. The name ‘Carpe Vita’ literally means ‘Seize Life,’ aligning with Carpe Vita’s vision to make the most out of life. This philosophy extends to the training, consulting, and coaching services we provide, as we prioritize quality!

Carpe Vita collaborates with various trainers and coaches in different fields to always offer a tailored program for each client. The goal is to be a partner for companies in team development, leadership development, and increasing energy & vitality! Additionally, we provide the Workplace Happiness Scan to measure, in a simple and effective way, the areas where workplace happiness within the company can be enhanced.

About Petra

Petra Groot Nibbelink is the founder of Carpe Vita Training & Coaching. With 23 years of experience in the financial sector both domestically and internationally, she has been inspired over the years to bring out the best in teams, managers, and individuals. Petra always sets high standards for herself and has the ability to inspire participants with her story. She is constantly seeking to learn more to excel and, in turn, motivate others. Petra has traveled the world to attend inspirational seminars, including those by Tony Robbins, and is always on the lookout for interesting literature from notable figures such as Steven Covey, Carl Jung, and Napoleon Hill. She is also a certified coach through IMC Human Development (NOBCO certified) and a certified Insights Practitioner.

In the training sessions and lectures, Petra draws upon this accumulated knowledge and experience to inspire and motivate participants to take steps and achieve their goals.