Life coaching

Coaching, for me, is guiding individuals toward positive change. The foundation is that everyone inherently knows what is best for them, but often, individuals may struggle to bring this knowledge to the surface. I can assist you in getting closer to your feelings and understanding what truly drives you.

What makes coaching special is its versatility, applicable to a wide range of themes, both in professional and personal aspects, focusing on self and behavior, as well as interactions with others. The essence is that it revolves around you and can expedite your personal growth.

My approach involves not adhering to a predetermined path but, during the intake, assessing which method and exercises would best suit you to maximize the benefits of the coaching process.

To develop my coaching skills, I completed the Intuitive Coaching program at IMC Human Development.

If you’re interested in a coaching journey or have questions about it, please fill out the contact form, and I’ll get in touch with you.

Client Experiences:

“My objectives have been achieved: (i) I gained more insight into what is important to me in a job, (ii) I have practical tools to start looking for and hopefully finding a suitable new job.

I found it to be a pleasant session because I noticed that Petra really engaged in the conversation without having all the questions pre-planned and responded mainly to what I brought up. I believe that’s the essence of intuitive coaching?

Especially in the first session, I had various beautiful personal eye-openers about how I have developed as a person. This awareness helped me take a step back in the process of my career choice and reevaluate the choices I had already made.

I found the coaching to be very inspiring and innovative. What has remained most valuable to me is that Petra consistently knew how to tune in to what I needed.”


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