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Do you want to improve relationships with your colleagues? Carpe Vita offers personalized training to help you set personal goals, leading to an overall sense of well-being. Additionally, we provide group training sessions to enhance the dynamics within your team.

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Individual training: creating better relationships with colleagues

Happiness and a positive feeling during your tasks are important for feeling good at work. This certainly contributes to creating better relationships with your colleagues. That’s why it’s important to take training that helps you feel better in your role. Therefore, we offer workshops and training programs in work happiness. With the work happiness scan from our coaching company, we can assess the overall work happiness within your company and tailor a follow-up program. In addition to training to create better relationships with your colleagues or employees, we also offer workshops and programs in personal leadership.

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Do you want to work on creating better relationships with your employees or colleagues? Explore our various programs and workshops online. Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches now and begin our training program. If you want to learn more about us or have additional questions, please send an email to, contact us by phone at 06 14 64 02 59, or fill out the contact form.




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