Program Energy & Vitality

Oftentimes, I get asked, “Energy… what do you mean by that? And how do you notice it?”

Energy is like a kind of fuel. With a lot of energy, you can handle a lot, but with little energy, everything feels like an effort, and you might prefer to stay in bed. The question then becomes, why does one person have a lot of energy while others are often tired? And why do you have more energy one day than another? While there are always fluctuations in your energy levels, you can exert more influence on this yourself. Through energy management, you can ensure that you experience fewer peaks and valleys and overall have more energy.

A healthy energy balance ensures that you go through life happier and more content, cope better with setbacks, have smoother interactions with others, and maintain a more positive outlook on life. A higher energy level also benefits creativity, which can be advantageous in many aspects of life.

In the business world, there is often a lot of focus on knowledge and competencies, but questions about how you feel and whether you are vital and happy are often overlooked. In my opinion, there is a lot to gain by paying more attention to this. In these times of dynamism and uncertainty, it is increasingly important to also consider how vital people are. This not only impacts their well-being but also influences performance and productivity in the workplace, interactions with customers, and ultimately the results of the company.

The program offered by Carpe Vita is based on 4 factors of energy:

  1. Physical:                                 Health
  2. Emotional:                              Happiness & joy
  3. Mental:                                    Focus
  4. Inspirational:                          Goal (Purpose)

These 4 factors provide tools to conduct an integral analysis of improvement points in someone’s energy level and offer various perspectives. This serves as the foundation for the program provided by Carpe Vita.

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