In these dynamic times, more and more is expected of us. “Busy, busy, busy” is the answer you get when you ask someone how they’re doing. Many employees in companies struggle with their energy levels, which adversely affects optimal collaboration and performance. There is an increasing number of people experiencing burnouts, mental health issues, dissatisfaction with their jobs, challenging relationships with colleagues or family members, and so on. Carpe Vita brings positive change in this regard and offers a program in the field of energy. Inspired by the 4 pillars of energy, people are motivated to make a change, allowing them to lead a more energetic life. This results in numerous positive outcomes, including more job satisfaction, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and ultimately better results for the company.

My name is Petra Groot Nibbelink, and I am the founder and owner of Carpe Vita. Having more energy in your life can give you so much more, and I know this from personal experience. To share this with others, I founded Carpe Vita.




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