How do you maximize your potential?


Today is a special day because the Alpe d’Huzes event is taking place! Tomorrow marks three years since I participated for the third time in a row. It’s a wonderful event where solidarity takes center stage, and a significant amount of money is raised for cancer research.


Reflecting on the challenges I’ve faced in my life, Alpe d’Huzes ranks high on the list of endeavors outside my comfort zone. I learned a great deal about personal leadership—how to manage oneself to extract the maximum potential. Each edition presented new hurdles to overcome, including the third time in 2016 when I learned, just before the big day, that a tendon in my knee was inflamed, and I might not be able to participate at all.

Get Yourself in a ‘Peak State’

After recovering from the shock of the news about my knee, I decided to create a plan to at least climb the mountain once. After all, I had raised money and wanted to contribute. One crucial element in that plan was managing your own state or mood, referred to as ‘State’ in English. This is vital for how you feel, your emotions, and ultimately your performance, applicable to various areas of your life.

In preparation, after doing everything I could to prepare my knee for the big day (rest and taping), I used techniques to get myself into a ‘peak state.’ This is based on Tony Robbins’ model, and I employed the following:

  • Physical: On the Alpe d’Huzes day, from the moment I woke up at 3:30 AM until I went to bed that night, I had a smile from ear to ear. I controlled my breathing and kept my head up, despite moments of exhaustion. Your physical posture significantly influences how you feel. Try sitting upright with a big smile on your face and simultaneously try to feel depressed. It doesn’t work!
  • Focus: Where focus goes, energy flows! I had my focus entirely on the result, pedaling up the mountain. I didn’t focus on what couldn’t be done or whether my knee hurt. It was a cold, rainy day, causing many cyclists to dismount. I only thought of one thing: upward! And upward I went. So, if you want something, focus on that and not on what you don’t want.
  • Language: I only spoke positive things to myself all day: you can do it, everything is great! How amazing all these people cheering me on! But also things like: I’m so grateful to be here, what a gift that I get to cycle up the mountain and help people with cancer!
  • Meaning: The meaning you give to events determines how you feel. I didn’t adopt a victim mentality because of my injury but saw it as an extra challenge. This made it feel less burdensome or negative. Additionally, I got a flat tire twice on the descent—not pleasant when you’re going 45 km/h on thin tires. Stressful thoughts briefly crossed my mind… why is this happening to me… will I make it? But immediately I thought: okay, this is an extra challenge coming my way, it will be fine! This way, I didn’t lose my peak state, and I climbed back on the bike with a smile.

The result of this strategy was that I felt like I had wings and could suddenly do much more than expected. I felt strong, as if nothing could get me off that bike. Where the expectation was initially that I might climb the mountain once, I ended up cycling up four times! Only then did my knee start to swell, and it was time to stop. But the four times were much more than I could have ever imagined beforehand.

Applying ‘State’ in Your Life

The beauty of this strategy is that it can be applied to all aspects of your life. You can get yourself into a good ‘state’ every day to achieve much better results. When you start applying this, you’ll notice increased energy, a greater focus on results, and a more positive outlook. Ultimately, it will make it much easier to achieve your goals and lead the life you want!

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