Insights Discovery


Carpe Vita also offers training and coaching sessions using Insights Discovery.

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Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible color model that, when combined with a personal profile, provides individuals with more insight into themselves and others. It serves as a strong foundation for effective collaboration and optimal functioning.

Everyone possesses all four colors within them. The combination of these colors determines your unique personality. These colors represent behavioral preferences that influence how you react, think, and act—essentially, your most natural self.

Insights Discovery assesses preferred colors through an easy-to-complete online questionnaire. This generates a personal profile entirely about you, revealing your strengths and areas for development.

With extensive experience in interim projects within the financial sector, there is a wealth of knowledge in applying these colors to address various issues. This includes improving trust and collaboration within a team, enhancing employee leadership, and fostering awareness of complementarity for more effective teamwork.

Both team sessions and one-on-one sessions are available. Feel free to reach out for more information on the possibilities.

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“Wow, what a fantastic session I had with Petra and two others. There was a clear explanation of Insights. Petra seamlessly alternates between information, exercises, and questions, keeping you actively engaged. Petra has a wealth of knowledge and responds quickly to questions. I watched her with admiration. She delivers this session with joy, ease, and great wisdom. The methodology is delightful, and I found a significant level of recognition in my report. Highly recommended. Thank you, Petra, for this beautiful morning!”