Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible color model.

In combination with a personal profile, it provides insights into oneself and others. The methodology, like DISC and MBTI, is based on the work of Karl Jung.

Understanding this methodology forms a strong foundation for effective collaboration and optimal functioning.

Personal Profile

Everyone has all four colors within them. The combination of colors gives you your unique personality. The colors refer to behavioral preferences that determine how you react, think, and act. Call it: your most natural self.

The preferred colors of Insights Discovery are measured by an easy-to-fill-out online questionnaire. This creates a personal profile that is all about you and shows where your strengths and development areas lie.

In the training and coaching offered by Carpe Vita, we draw on years of experience in providing training supplemented with (interim) management assignments, so we work extensively with practical examples.

Both team sessions and 1-on-1 sessions are possible.

The 4 colors on a good day:

Offer Insights Discovery

Carpe Vita’s offerings include:


Team Coaching Insights

Experiences from coachees:

My goals have been achieved.
(i) I gained more insight into what is important to me in a job.
(ii) I have practical tools to start looking for and hopefully find a suitable new job.

Especially the first session provided me with various beautiful personal eye-openers about how I have developed as a person. This awareness helped me take a step back in the process of my career choice and reassess choices I had already made.


1-on-1 Coaching Insights

Coachees’ experiences:

I found it to be a nice session because I noticed that Petra really engaged in the conversation without having prepared all the questions beforehand and mainly responded to what I brought up. I think that’s the essence of intuitive coaching?

I experienced coaching as something very inspiring and innovative. What has stayed with me as the most valuable is that Petra always managed to tune in to what I needed.