Personal Leadership Training

Do you want to unlock your potential through personal leadership training? Personal leadership is about guiding yourself and achieving the results you aspire to. Do you have control of the helm, or is it being directed by your environment?

Taking the helm of your own life through personal leadership training

How do you achieve the results you want? Setting goals and training in personal leadership are crucial. And even more important is actually attaining them. But how do you do that? What does it entail exactly? It means shaping your own life in every aspect, both professionally and personally, the way you want by training in personal leadership. A personal leadership workshop offers a multitude of results. Here are some possibilities


Personal Leadership offerings

Carpe Vita offerings include:


Personal Leadership

A personal leadership workshop is an interactive session where participants receive tools and guidance to achieve the results they desire through personal leadership and the enhancement of workplace happiness. They will be challenged to step outside their comfort zones and leave inspired.
The workshop can be used for team building or for participants who do not work together. The following topics will be covered:

  • Setting goals effectively
  • Taking control of your journey
  • The power of mindset
  • Moving from where you are to where you want to be
  • Creating new patterns

Optional: This training can be booked in combination with a mental and physical challenge in the form of an ice bath!

What the participants are saying:

Lydia: The training was personal, enthusiastic, motivating, and convincing.

Desiree: The meditation was so good and powerful; make a recording of it! Additionally, there was a good mix and variety between explanations and exercises.

Eva: There was a positive vibe, lots of interaction, and sharing of stories. What I take away: awareness and the understanding that what you focus on grows!

Niels: A training that gave me extra focus and energy. You receive tools in a compact form to bring focus to your goals and to get and stay in ‘peak state’ to achieve these goals. It was a good yield for the time invested. Also, a fun open trainer who creates a good atmosphere. Good anecdotes that fit the material. Very practical theory and exercises.

Thijs: What I found excellent about this training was the deep/extended attention given to certain models and tools with detailed examples and room for sharing. What I take away from this training: tools and motivation to gain more control over myself.

Marise: I found the peak state excellent in this training, very inspiring and enjoyable! I thoroughly enjoyed this training.


Professional Coaching

We will work one-on-one to address issues that are affecting your career, such as:

  • Are you experiencing recurring unwanted patterns that you want to resolve?
  • Do you feel stuck but are eager to move forward?
  • Are you having difficulties with certain colleagues and/or supervisors?
  • Or do you want something completely different but have no idea what?

Using personal leadership techniques, we will address your specific issues. Coaching sessions are often combined with an Insights Discovery profile or an energy check. Various methodologies are employed during coaching, but there is no predefined approach.
Therefore, we create a customized program that aligns with your wishes and goals.

Coachee Experiences:

My objectives have been achieved.

(i) I have gained more insight into what is important to me in a job.
(ii) I have practical tools to start seeking and hopefully finding a suitable new job.

Especially during the first session, I had various beautiful personal eye-openers about how I have developed as a person. This awareness helped me take a step back in the process of my career choice and reevaluate decisions already made.


Life Coaching

We view coaching as guiding individuals toward making positive changes. The foundation lies in the belief that everyone inherently knows what is best for them, even though it may not always be readily apparent. Getting closer to your emotions and understanding what truly drives you is where we can offer assistance.

What makes coaching remarkable is its applicability to a wide range of themes, both in professional and personal realms. It delves into self-reflection, personal behavior, and interactions with others. The core principle is that it revolves around you and can expedite your personal growth.

Throughout the coaching journey, we focus on how you envision your life and what it takes to get there. We navigate through potential obstacles together. Our coaching approach doesn’t follow a pre-established path. Instead, during the intake, we assess which methods and exercises align best with your needs to extract the maximum benefit from the coaching process.

Coachee Experiences:

I found the session enjoyable because I noticed that Petra engaged in the conversation without pre-planned questions, responding primarily to what I brought to the table. I believe this is the essence of intuitive coaching?

I experienced the coaching as something very inspiring and innovative. What has stayed with me as the most valuable is that Petra consistently managed to tune in to what I needed.

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