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Would you like to enhance your team’s performance and development? Carpe Vita is a professional coaching company that can certainly assist you and your team. Our specialists offer coaching sessions, individual coaching, and workshops. This way, your team can improve collectively by each member contributing to their personal development. Explore the possibilities within our services.

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Team and development improvement for your organization

You can enhance the development of your team in various ways. Collaborating with our coaches, you can conduct a workplace happiness survey within your company to assess overall satisfaction and happiness perception. Based on this, we can create a follow-up program, and the results will be periodically measured to track changes over time. Additionally, you have the option to choose leadership training and positivity workshops. Through personal coaching, we can assist you or your employees in cultivating a more positive work outlook and setting personal goals. This contributes to morale and improves resilience within your team. Beyond team development, we can also help you or individual employees build better relationships with colleagues.

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Improve relationships in your team and schedule an appointment

Do you want to improve the dynamics and development of your team? Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches. Together with you, they will discuss the intended trajectory. If you have additional questions about the programs or about us, feel free to contact us by phone at +1721 586 0002 or send an email to




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