Work happiness scan

Carpe Vita offers various options for a work happiness scan to help your company increase the happiness of employees. More and more employers are considering an alternative or addition to the annual Employee Satisfaction Survey. They see the many benefits of optimized work happiness. A happy employee has more energy, performs better, has a better relationship with colleagues, and feels more engaged. But how do you ensure that your employees are happy, and what factors influence this?

Optimal results with the work happiness scan

With the work happiness scan, you can easily measure the current status within your company. Based on the results, we’ll explore together how we can increase work happiness among employees. Expressing passion and energy is the foundation for growth! The work happiness scan is based on the PERMA model developed by Martin Seligman. He distinguishes five factors that influence work happiness:

  • Positive emotion– feeling good about yourself
  • Engagement– finding a good flow, engagement
  • (Positive) Relationships– relationships with others, authentic connections
  • Meaning– purposeful existence, having a purpose
  • Accomplishment– challenge and achievement, sense of success
Expressing passion and energy is the basis of growth!

How does the work happiness scan work?

Our training and coaching agency Carpe Vita developed the work happiness scan: an accessible solution with both online and offline components. It is designed to measure on which aspects a team or company scores well and on which aspects improvement is possible.

How does it work?


Your employees complete an online questionnaire. We analyze the results and together we determine goals.


Then we analyze the results together and determine concrete actions.


After thirteen weeks, we send another online questionnaire and measure both the status and areas for improvement. Together we determine follow-up steps to the happiness at work scan.

Work happiness workshop

Do you want to work with your team to achieve more energy and enthusiasm? Then this workshop is a good choice! In this workshop, participants gain insight into how much joy and energy they bring to their work and where potential areas for improvement lie. Each participant also receives practical tools to apply directly in practice. Are you interested or want to know more about us? Contact us by phone at +1721 586 0002 or send an email to


“We conducted the work happiness scan for our internal and external teams. The pillar structure and the well-founded analysis clearly show where the strength in happiness lies and, therefore, where the positive dynamics are. At the same time, it precisely indicates the challenges in your organization. In my opinion, the scan is an essential part of every organization to achieve the ambitions it has. Expressing passion and energy are the basis for growth. With the new way of working (remotely), this essence has only increased.”

Harm Groot Kormelink
CDO & Founder
International Compliance Partners